Frontyard Fantasy

by Launchfield

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“Michael, you’re never going to believe this.”

Launchfield a unique blend of icy-cold techno(logical) dub, a cocktail of smooth funk and computerized sound. Feverish enthusiasm guides the record. Woozy MPC cymbals crash; echoes bounce, and distorted voices come from distances unknown. Stohrer’s signature programming and Cimbalik’s synthesizers take the listener on a journey to another place.
Frontyard Fantasy is a record cooked up by two musicians in their creative prime, fallen from another dimension. Is this intelligent dance music, or music for artificial intelligence?

A jingle begins Frontyard Fantasy on an optimistic note. “Theme From Launchfield” hints at all systems go – a building of arpeggios, warm synth tones, and construction. Imagine a utopian society working toward an ark, for a fantastic voyage into the unknown. Track two is the monotonous “Roll Down Your Windows,” a bass-heavy groove, dub for the next era. Three: “Lexicon Grove” is an unnerving conspiracy theory recorded through the muffled sounds of a busy alleyway. As the tension builds, the melody and rhythm fade into white noise, with a lonely guitar playing to anyone who will listen. The white noise builds into (track four) “Back In Waves,” complicated by shuffling rhythms and a chopped up vocal sample not out of place on a breaks record. Once all expectations of traditional melody are thrown out of the window, a gentle guitar brings you back to reality. Frontyard Fantasy ends with (self-titled track five) an ominous techno monster – did the fantasy end, or has it just begun?
Frontyard Fantasy is a film score with no visuals, an unnerving fiction for variations on the tomorrow to come.

Launchfield is the duo of Brett Cimbalik and Michael Stohrer. Launchfield formed in 2009 as a side-project of a side-project. Launchfield released their first LP, Just Rivals, in October 2010, a blend of jazz-fusion, funk and experimental electronic music. Brett Cimbalik is no stranger to Chambray, releasing sophisticated, jazz-influenced techno solo (“I Wish I Could Say The Same”) and as one-half of Super Public (More Than A Marathon, Lottery Of Life). Michael Stohrer joins the fold, bringing with him a series of focused nuance, heavily influenced by the beat makers of Stones Throw and mid-90s Warp. Stohrer has previously self-released socially aware hip-hop as The Human Field, and studied IDM as Dead Author.


released February 24, 2015

All songs written by Brett Cimbalik & Michael Stohrer

Brett Cimbalik: guitar, bass guitar, turntables, synthesizer & drum
machine programming

Michael Stohrer: sampler, sequencer, synthesizer
& drum machine programming

Published by Launchfield/The Chambray Sound (ASCAP)
Mastered by Josh Wheeler
Photography & Design by Vinnie Massimino

CHAM 010



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Chambray Detroit, Michigan


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