Shipping and return policies for Chambray

Shipping Info
All vinyl shipped from Gratiot/Chene Post Office in Detroit, MI within 5 days of purchase or less.
Return Policy
Should a record arrive damaged in the mail, we ask that you write us and we'll send another along to replace it, free of charge. What you do with the original is your preference, but we'd prefer a ritualistic burning near the closest abandon factory (of your choice).

If you've purchased something digitally and don't like it, the owner/label manager will send you an email questionnaire asking specific reasons why you didn't like it, and give you another song/release in the catalogue free of charge. Chambray recognizes there isn't really a good way to return digital goods, so you could delete the file, or not, but we really want you to enjoy the music you've bought.

Should a record arrive in the mail and you absolutely hate it, you can write the label manager at and we'll gladly exchange the record or pay for your return shipping. You can also try to hock said record at a local store and claim you represent the label - we won't notice. But really, email should you not like your record and we'll work something out.